Dragon Age Afterhours

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 2

So I last wrote as I was waiting to speak to the Arl. Since then I’ve barely had any rest. I was finally able to get the audience with him and I think that he is still a man to respect. I came to him bright and early after traveling forever to get there but even still he was willing to see me and hear me out. I thought that due to the lack of sleep and my fatigue I might have troubles conveying my thought properly but it seemed like that all lifted as I was talking with him. I mean, I was even able to throw in some jokes and get him to smile a little in the situation, not that I really meant to do that, I’m sure I must have been tired to do something like that.

Anyway, he listened to me and I learned that it was likely that Alenka was plotting something because he didn’t issue those orders. He however was going to handle this a little more slyly than just confronting her with it so I leave it in his judgement. He then sent me off with a swift horse, well really more a pony and a letter for Ser Bridget or the cousin and back I went to Denerim, once more without any sleep. Again I have to struggle to stay awake, but with this new task, I had gained my 4th wind (well at this point I’m not sure what number of wind it was but alas, I ramble).

On my return trip I am surprised I still did not encounter any problems and was believing the God’s might finally be on my side but then I finally get back to Denerim. I get there after night fall and I go to the cousin’s house only find it’s front door off the hinges and near disaster waiting. Inside the house is filled with blood, I find many robed corpses as well as a dead dog, a woman I didn’t recognize (I later find out she was also with the robed corpses), and also the male human mage,. Oh how I chuckled when I saw that foul mages body because I knew he didn’t have any honor and chose such a stupid thing as magic. Anyway, walking past this carnage, I see the rest of the group I had left as well as some new faces. They seemed they might actually have some redeaming qualities because they actually were helping protect the children, but I’m afraid that maybe they are actually doing so for the wrong reasons, I will have to investigate this further.

Anway, there was another woman there, another stinking mage calling herself Patricia Joneswater and claiming to be some sort of worker for the King I’ve never even heard of. What was it again… Oh, it’ll come to me later. Also, there’s another human fighter who hasn’t really opened his mouth or given me any indication, but he seems to be more of a mercenary/ man for hire. Well as I’m attempting to figure out the situation of course there’s arguing going on about what to do with the children. I of course don’t know what to think about Ser Bridget and definitely don’t know if I can trust her. To add to the confusion, the children are acting restless and childish so I have to be stern to Joseph and right afterwards I then say some things that infuriate Ser Bridget and cause her to storm off what I had hoped would be by herself but sadly included the children.

I had to chase after her and I had hoped I would be the only one, but the stupid mages seem to love to get in my way because Patricia also chased after her. She tried to say some stuff to change her mind but ultimately it fell to me again because mages are useless. I had to reveal the letter to Ser Bridget as well as the stupid mage, but I at least was able to calm her down. After reading the note and asking her some questions, I couldn’t find any lies or harm intended toward the children coming from her. Indeed, she seemed to have the children’s best interest in mind and I’m forced to have to agree to follow her best judgements for now because, according to her, the letter seemed to have instructions but they didn’t include telling me. I’m not sure if I believe it but there isn’t much else I can do right now without making matters worse.

Right after this guard from Bann Nicola Baranti, Captain Braedon, showed up. It seems that the people I had left actually seem to have some decency and tried to save a boy in addition to these children. Anyway, after talking, it was decided to take the children to the Bann’s Manor since it was much easier to defend than anywhere else we could think. Of course, of note was that Ser Bridget had originally wanted to take the children straight out of the city, but didn’t seem to want to tell me or anyone else where, but decided that they would be safe enough at the Manor. That makes me believe she either she doesn’t have a specific location she is suppose to take them or that if she does, that location isn’t anywhere close. Either way, I have to wait a little longer to decide what do and how to act about her.

Oh, after that we did go to the Bann’s Residence and now it seems everyone was content to go to bed, This leaves me tired and fighting to stay awake as I keep watch over the room that Ser Bridget, Joseph Neruda, and Hana Neruda are staying. Things have quieted down now and they seem to have gone to bed as I shall be doing soon, but when they first were in there, they were trying to be quiet but I could still hear as the boy tries to exert his power over Ser Bridget and fails and as the girl seems to cry in the corner. What else they seemed to be talking about I don’t really know right now, but I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t hiding something too, especially with how the boy is acting and what he is saying. He doesn’t seem to be the best liar.

Well its time for the female elf um, Elora I think, to take over. I wish I could watch them the whole time, but I can feel the fatigue catching up with me.



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