Dragon Age Afterhours

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 3

Ahhhh, sleeps feels good.

Man, sleep feels great. When you awaken you might feel groggy or a little weird, but you still feel much better than you do when you are up for two days straight. So I awoken this morning and am told that we can have some new clothes made by a tailor. Now this was a surprise, not only am I going to get food but also some clothes, then I think well maybe this is a trap, but I after all the good I’ve heard that Bann Nicola Baranti’s done, I was a little more at ease. None the less, I went to find out how disrespectful the Bann would take it if I were to wear my armor from her assistant we had met last night, Banda. Neeless to say, I didn’t end up wearing it for fear of insulting her and so instead went to breakfast in the clothes we had gotten from her tailor.

At breakfast many related stories of their adventures and also how we had ended up in this situation and I even ended up telling my story of going to visit the Arl. In addition, the Bann also asked everyone why they were protecting these children, if it was for honor or what. Of everyone there, the only one that seemed to not be telling the truth when they answered was that stupid woman mage. BAh, I don’t think I can trust a mage with their serpent tongues. She said she was doing if for honor, but I can tell she was lying and I’m sure the Bann, if not everyone else could too. The other human fighter, Davies, was as I thought, a hired hand or mercenary and his honor lies in completing whatever he has been paid to do, which I find acceptable.

At the end, due to my responses and actions, I was actually presented with an invitation to some Ball later on this year, as well as everyone being offered a position to help her with things her normal guards aren’t able to do. I will have to think about this, but it doesn’t sound too bad since she will pay for lodging, food, and even some supplies. As it was, she sent us on a trip back to Stenhold and added a side mission to try to convince the Arl to help her. I told her however I don’t believe the arl would provide any money but the one that might provide a little more assistance, especially due to the help she was providing the children was actually the mother. I think it was actually this response that earned me the invitation to the ball.



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