Dragon Age Afterhours

The First Session

A short summory of the first session

The group was hired by Arl Voychek Neruda to help his steward Alenka. She is to escort his children Josephand Hana back to Stenhold keep from an extended visit with relatives from Denerim. The Arl is unable to do this as he is responding to his southern Arlington being overrun with Darkspawn.

The group experienced a few skirmishes and challenges along the way the first was a group of Genlocks and a Alpha Genlock. The number of monsters to challenge the group was 1 Genlock per player and 1 Alpha.

The second was a challenge to cross a chasm to wide to jump. This could have been accomplished many different ways. Climb down and back up, fell a tree, secure a rope across etc… It just so happened that the group did all three of those. It was good exercise for the use of skill/abilities for me.

The third was a diversion hunting trip (just more skills), followed by the role-play of the kidnaping plot. Which if you remember both Shaun and Sean both agreed to do.

The fourth encounter was the owls. The number of Owls was preset at 1 for less than 4 player 2 for more. This was kind of strange for a game day type encounter but what ever.

The fifth part was a brief investigation of the attacked caravan site. Followed by the final fight on the side of the hill involving a Hurlock, 3 Genlocks, and 2 blight wolves. The monsters in the final encounter were set by book.

Last thing the group did was argue and eventually decide to take the children back to Denerim where Alenka paid the group for the escort and left to retire for the night. She also asked that the players accompany her with the note back to Stenhold.



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