Dragon Age Afterhours

The Second Session

A DM's Summary

Cruvel and Whately come up with a plan and in the morning Cruvel follows and learns more of Alenka/s plot to not only ransom, but also pin the blame on the party and possibly kill them.

When Alenka arrives in the morning to the Inn to find out if who’s going, Cruvel and Whately have managed to start enacting their plan and have also enlisted the help of addition people to accompany them. Alenka doesn’t like this and feels a little threatened by the numbers and so she and Ser Baker Corbin take off on horses without the rest of the party.

They party decides to try to continue with the kidnapping of the children and create a new plan with the help of some of the new recruits and by lies and twisting of words toward the rest of the party.

On the way to enact the plan the next night, some members of the party hear a child’s scream and go investigate to find The Cult of the Stilled Tongue. These white, bloodstained robed people are carrying a boy bleeding out his mouth. One cultist escapes with the boy while the party defeats the rest of them, loosing Xavier in the fight.

Captain Braedon shows up and after searching the cultist’s bodies, a sheet is recovered containing 4 addresses. One was circled and another Captain Braedon had just come from. That left a 3rd, house which address was unfamiliar to the party and a final one which was the residence of the children’s cousin. Of course, the party went there. Before they left, Captain Braedon informed the party that he was the Captain of the guard for Bann Nicola Baranti and that they should visit her in the morning, a reward might be included.

They hurried to the cousin’s house and find if foll of more cultist, one a magic user. Guarding the children is Ser Bridget. The party fight valiantly but loose Silestra’s dog and Whately in the fight, as well finding the children’s cousin dead.



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