Dragon Age Afterhours

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 4
More complications!

Oh how I can’t wait to be rid of these hellions. It seems they stick better to trouble than dwarves to their ale and that’s a hard task I must say.

Ok, so we finally left Denerim on our way back to Stenhold. We decided on taking the route that travels along the coast before striking back inland toward the keep and this would allow us to stay inside an inn while at Sandwell. The overall trip there wasn’t too difficult but there were some signs that the day wouldn’t be as easy as the trip. First we passed an man and his ugly wife that you nearly couldn’t tell apart from the rags in the back of his broken cart much less that she was actually a woman. In addition we kept seeing a few dark cloaked figures that was following behind and seemed to be slowly catching up. We didn’t encounter him or his group before we reached Sandwell but we did meet a group of 4 patrolling. We informed the patrol of the possibly shady guys we had seen and then continued to Sandwell.

We finally reached the rather small town and make our way to the inn to settle down for the night. I decided to let my nerves settle with a nice mug of ale trying to ignore the rowdy inhabitants who seemed to be intent upon taking my valuable time talking about nonsense such as carts and the ocean. Finally one rather insistent fellow finally got on my nerves and just as I was about to shew him away, he mentions something about how we shouldn’t let the children run around by themselves and that he had seen them going alone to the beach.

Ok, now I was ready to let this nuisance have a piece of my mind, but first to make sure that he was telling the truth, and why he seemed to be so knowledgeable about the children we had brought with us. It seems that he had seen us come in and noticed the children because they tend to have need of being watched around this town. Apparently plenty of people want to abduct children around here, not just in Denerim. With this I decided letting my temper flare wasn’t the best course of action and was able to hold it in check, for now at least and decided instead I might come back to direct it at the miscreant if it turned out his words were lies. To determine this, I rushed upstairs to the useless Ser Bridget who was found asleep!

How could this be, she seemed at least a little more capable the other day but now I find her alone and asleep. Now the seal I had on that temper was able to take no more. “Useless Idiot, Where are the children!?!” I yelled at the newly awaken wretch. As she slowly came out of her haze, she provided little insight and her uselessness was again affirmed as we were left only with the option of going to check out the beach where the stranger had seen the children heading and also where the children seemed to have expressed interest in earlier in the day.

As everyone raced toward the beach, I noticed how slow I seemed to be in comparison and decided it might be a little more prudent to get Stargazer, my swift pony. She would surely proved the required speed that the short dwarfs legs tend to lack.

I arrive at the beach and of course the children had found trouble and being the naive, improperly mannered miscreants they are, were oblivious to the 10 or 15 hooded scum surrounding them. The members of the party were getting ready to engage with the enemy, but they seemed to have no tactical plan laid out and were just attacking whichever enemy was closes and were leaving the children vulnerable. With this, my action was clear, time to go grab the children, I’m sure it was best to leave the situation, especially when outnumbered. While I was sure I could defeat these rather weak looking scoundrels, I wasn’t sure that I could keep all of them from hitting the children by myself.

Of course, I rush up and the hellions still didn’t notice their plight and rush away from me into the arms of the enemy. Oh, how I hat the kids. They don’t even respect their elders properly. Why if they were dwarves, I’d have had them stuck in their rooms for a month for such disobedience but alas, they’re not mine, nor is it my job for fixing their misbehavior.

Anyway, now the children were in the hands of the enemy. I decide to rush to the aid of the girlfor at least she seemed to be a little less stupid during the last battle and I believed might not get her head cut off as easily by trying to pick a fight with this guys as soon as freed. Of course my maul struck true and its strength carried the miscreant into the surf away from Hana. She surprises me afterwards by abandoning the caution she had shown earlier and rushing toward the other miscreant and laying a hand on him. He then slumps as if drained or asleep, releasing the hold on her brother. As I look at her, I see she seems a little dizzy and drained after this but not hurt, so I’m sure she is actually a mage as well. Great, just what we need, another worthless mage and this one likely to be an even bigger hassle because she’s still a lad.

At least now we know how Bridget fell asleep. Anyway, after this, a couple of the guys from the patrol arrived at the edge of the beach as well and with the overwhelming odds against them the rest of the miscreants turned tails like the rats they are.

This little ordeal left me with little time to write that night as I decided to keep an eye on the children and also get to know the new driver, Fredrick, an Orlesian Exile. and I figured I would just wait till today. Oh, and as of right now, I think I might get along well with Fredrick, he seems to be exiled because he doesn’t share his father’s views with the chantry, not that I would blame him. Well we are off again, hopefully with no more incidents but I have a feeling that with these children around, that isn’t very likely.


Why should so many people want these children. If I hadn’t told the ArlI would bring his children back the him, I’d just let the next lot have these barrels of trouble.

So of course, after the difficulties these children have been causing and the hooded figures that seemed to be following us yesterday, Bridget decides that more guards are needed to ensure protection. I don’t really know what to think at this point and would just have been glad to get the children back but sadly, we have to run into some more trouble before that happens.

So we have an additional four men now accompanying us, the same four we encountered patrolling yesterday. We head out and of course as we travel we seem to see another cloaked figure following. The uncouth dwarf as well as the driverthat was hired by Bridget decide to lay a little trap for our followers. This caused one of the patrolmen to take the reins of the cart carrying the children and Bridget. I didn’t care to join them because I’m sure that something would happen to the children again if I left them in the care of the Idiot woman with only the useless knife-ears and patrolmen left to guard them.

Anyway, those two fall behind and next thing I notice, they have come galloping back and it seems that they decided to bring back a bunch of unwanted guests with them. Hot on their trails are about 10 large dogs. We engage the dogs and take care of most of them. I have to say, I didn’t think I would be like riding a horse, and while it still feels uneasy not touching the ground, I have to say there are some fun aspects of it. I’m thinking about looking into a sport that seems to be popular with the human nobles called polo I think because while I was fighting these dogs, I was able to knock one dog right into another with my maul. This sent them flying just like the balls of polo, head over tail and put them out of the chase.

It was at about this point that we then notice the owners of these dogs, 2 wagons full of men as well and an additional 4 men on horses coming full speed at us. The dogs had been fun, a way to pass the time on this trip, but now this was just going to be a pain. And if this wasn’t enough, now that we were becoming engaged in a little more difficult situation than just dogs, the “hired help” decided that they would make their move and start swerving the cart. This causes Bridget to fall off the side but much to everyone’s amazement, she catches hold of a rope on the cart and starts being drug along. This also caused the dwarf to nearly fall off the horse he was sharing with Fredrick, but lucky for the dwarf, Fredrick was able to catch a hold of the little rogue’s foot.

Eventually Cruvel gets back on the horse appropriately and then decides to go for the drivers of the lead wagon following us. First, Fredrick shoots a well-placed arrow causing one of front men to tumble out of the cart. The rogue follows that up buy doing a diving charge right at the other driver and allowing the mace and the brain of the poor fellow to embrace. Of course this leaves him in point blank range of the archers who are in the back of the cart, allowing them to turn him in to a barely living pin cushion.

I guess after seeing that, the knife-ear thinks she can do too. She also jumps at the driver of the guy driving the cart with the children and Bridget who had managed to climb into the back of the cart but had otherwise been completely useless up to this point. She of course doesn’t even come close to killing the guy but she is able to actually land on the cart, much to my surprise and apparently the mercenary driving because then Bridgetfinally does something useful and sends the guy tumbling off the cart.

Of course by this time, we have almost made it to an old ruined tower that we had been being directed to. The newly appointed driverattempts to stop the cart and after a few tries, causes the cart to careen sideways into a well dumping herself, the children, and Bridgetinto the well.

While this was happening, the dwarf was also trying to stop the cart that he was now driving but failed, only slowing it down a little and so instead decides to run straight through the mass of archers in the cart and out the back tumbling onto the ground. While the dwarfdid that, I tried to lay my maul into the side of the same cart’s wheel to break it, but he threw off the timing with the breaking so I only could send splinters flying, not the whole wheel. Then since he abandons the cart, I have to steer away so I don’t get hit by the driver-less contraption. During this time, Fredrick decides that since the cart has not driver, he can divert it off to the left into the other cart, as well as me and another horsed man.

I once again, have to move away so as not to be hit. This brings us to the point of the cart tipping and seeing that, I decide to try one more time for a wagon wheel, this time of the other cart. Of course, not having that vile dwarf there to throw of the speed and timing, I am able to sunder the wheel from the wagon with ease.

Now, seeing the people flying into the well, I decide to disengage from the fighting and see if everyone is still living and if I can’t get the children out of this mess. I make my way right over to the well which has a handful of the ambush force around it while the others have engaged with the hooded robbers that were chasing us. The leader of the ambush squad seems to be barking out orders for the men to restrain us. I of course, don’t head their words but I have already put away my maul as I instead am pulling out my rope to throw the bottom of what to appears to be a 40 foot well. I am able to do that, tying the other end of the rope to my horse while shrugging off the hands of the men trying to pull me down. Of course, having failed once, and with my mind currently engaged in other thoughts, their second wave of attacks pulls me from my horse and into their arms. I struggle, trying to free myself but before I am able to do so, Fredrick drops from his horse and mounts mine, pulling the now roped children and knife-ear up. Bridget apparently wasn’t strong enough to stay attached to the rope as it was being pulled up because when all arrived at the top, there were only the children, tied to the rope and the knife-ear holding on.

It was at this time that the men who were holding me had their attention broken long enough so that I was able to break free and climb atop another horse right behind me. Then, seeing as the rest of the armored men from the ambush had overpowered the hooded men and were now making their way to the well, Bridget had to be left at the bottom of the well if we were going to make our escape. The knife-ear was surprisingly strong and ingenuous because seeing as how the children always seem to squirm and also never want to follow directions, the elf cut the rope in a way so that she could then throw them over the horse like saddle bags, both still tied to the rope and the rope stretched across the saddle and horse.

I learned later as we raced away that the bottom of the well was littered with bones and wile dark, with a torch having been lit, was shown to contain an archway leading to catacombs or something apparently as well as another closed door that wasn’t investigated either. Also, the little girlhad heard some type of voice down there that none of the others seem to have heard. If the girl isn’t lying, that makes just one more thing that seems to be after these children we have in our possession.

With all of that done, I just hope we can finally be free of these unlucky, ungreatful children before I’m either the one stuck at the bottom of a well or the one who has strangled them to death for their idiocy, trouble, and disrespect.

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 3
Ahhhh, sleeps feels good.

Man, sleep feels great. When you awaken you might feel groggy or a little weird, but you still feel much better than you do when you are up for two days straight. So I awoken this morning and am told that we can have some new clothes made by a tailor. Now this was a surprise, not only am I going to get food but also some clothes, then I think well maybe this is a trap, but I after all the good I’ve heard that Bann Nicola Baranti’s done, I was a little more at ease. None the less, I went to find out how disrespectful the Bann would take it if I were to wear my armor from her assistant we had met last night, Banda. Neeless to say, I didn’t end up wearing it for fear of insulting her and so instead went to breakfast in the clothes we had gotten from her tailor.

At breakfast many related stories of their adventures and also how we had ended up in this situation and I even ended up telling my story of going to visit the Arl. In addition, the Bann also asked everyone why they were protecting these children, if it was for honor or what. Of everyone there, the only one that seemed to not be telling the truth when they answered was that stupid woman mage. BAh, I don’t think I can trust a mage with their serpent tongues. She said she was doing if for honor, but I can tell she was lying and I’m sure the Bann, if not everyone else could too. The other human fighter, Davies, was as I thought, a hired hand or mercenary and his honor lies in completing whatever he has been paid to do, which I find acceptable.

At the end, due to my responses and actions, I was actually presented with an invitation to some Ball later on this year, as well as everyone being offered a position to help her with things her normal guards aren’t able to do. I will have to think about this, but it doesn’t sound too bad since she will pay for lodging, food, and even some supplies. As it was, she sent us on a trip back to Stenhold and added a side mission to try to convince the Arl to help her. I told her however I don’t believe the arl would provide any money but the one that might provide a little more assistance, especially due to the help she was providing the children was actually the mother. I think it was actually this response that earned me the invitation to the ball.

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 2

So I last wrote as I was waiting to speak to the Arl. Since then I’ve barely had any rest. I was finally able to get the audience with him and I think that he is still a man to respect. I came to him bright and early after traveling forever to get there but even still he was willing to see me and hear me out. I thought that due to the lack of sleep and my fatigue I might have troubles conveying my thought properly but it seemed like that all lifted as I was talking with him. I mean, I was even able to throw in some jokes and get him to smile a little in the situation, not that I really meant to do that, I’m sure I must have been tired to do something like that.

Anyway, he listened to me and I learned that it was likely that Alenka was plotting something because he didn’t issue those orders. He however was going to handle this a little more slyly than just confronting her with it so I leave it in his judgement. He then sent me off with a swift horse, well really more a pony and a letter for Ser Bridget or the cousin and back I went to Denerim, once more without any sleep. Again I have to struggle to stay awake, but with this new task, I had gained my 4th wind (well at this point I’m not sure what number of wind it was but alas, I ramble).

On my return trip I am surprised I still did not encounter any problems and was believing the God’s might finally be on my side but then I finally get back to Denerim. I get there after night fall and I go to the cousin’s house only find it’s front door off the hinges and near disaster waiting. Inside the house is filled with blood, I find many robed corpses as well as a dead dog, a woman I didn’t recognize (I later find out she was also with the robed corpses), and also the male human mage,. Oh how I chuckled when I saw that foul mages body because I knew he didn’t have any honor and chose such a stupid thing as magic. Anyway, walking past this carnage, I see the rest of the group I had left as well as some new faces. They seemed they might actually have some redeaming qualities because they actually were helping protect the children, but I’m afraid that maybe they are actually doing so for the wrong reasons, I will have to investigate this further.

Anway, there was another woman there, another stinking mage calling herself Patricia Joneswater and claiming to be some sort of worker for the King I’ve never even heard of. What was it again… Oh, it’ll come to me later. Also, there’s another human fighter who hasn’t really opened his mouth or given me any indication, but he seems to be more of a mercenary/ man for hire. Well as I’m attempting to figure out the situation of course there’s arguing going on about what to do with the children. I of course don’t know what to think about Ser Bridget and definitely don’t know if I can trust her. To add to the confusion, the children are acting restless and childish so I have to be stern to Joseph and right afterwards I then say some things that infuriate Ser Bridget and cause her to storm off what I had hoped would be by herself but sadly included the children.

I had to chase after her and I had hoped I would be the only one, but the stupid mages seem to love to get in my way because Patricia also chased after her. She tried to say some stuff to change her mind but ultimately it fell to me again because mages are useless. I had to reveal the letter to Ser Bridget as well as the stupid mage, but I at least was able to calm her down. After reading the note and asking her some questions, I couldn’t find any lies or harm intended toward the children coming from her. Indeed, she seemed to have the children’s best interest in mind and I’m forced to have to agree to follow her best judgements for now because, according to her, the letter seemed to have instructions but they didn’t include telling me. I’m not sure if I believe it but there isn’t much else I can do right now without making matters worse.

Right after this guard from Bann Nicola Baranti, Captain Braedon, showed up. It seems that the people I had left actually seem to have some decency and tried to save a boy in addition to these children. Anyway, after talking, it was decided to take the children to the Bann’s Manor since it was much easier to defend than anywhere else we could think. Of course, of note was that Ser Bridget had originally wanted to take the children straight out of the city, but didn’t seem to want to tell me or anyone else where, but decided that they would be safe enough at the Manor. That makes me believe she either she doesn’t have a specific location she is suppose to take them or that if she does, that location isn’t anywhere close. Either way, I have to wait a little longer to decide what do and how to act about her.

Oh, after that we did go to the Bann’s Residence and now it seems everyone was content to go to bed, This leaves me tired and fighting to stay awake as I keep watch over the room that Ser Bridget, Joseph Neruda, and Hana Neruda are staying. Things have quieted down now and they seem to have gone to bed as I shall be doing soon, but when they first were in there, they were trying to be quiet but I could still hear as the boy tries to exert his power over Ser Bridget and fails and as the girl seems to cry in the corner. What else they seemed to be talking about I don’t really know right now, but I’m starting to wonder if they aren’t hiding something too, especially with how the boy is acting and what he is saying. He doesn’t seem to be the best liar.

Well its time for the female elf um, Elora I think, to take over. I wish I could watch them the whole time, but I can feel the fatigue catching up with me.

The Second Session
A DM's Summary

Cruvel and Whately come up with a plan and in the morning Cruvel follows and learns more of Alenka/s plot to not only ransom, but also pin the blame on the party and possibly kill them.

When Alenka arrives in the morning to the Inn to find out if who’s going, Cruvel and Whately have managed to start enacting their plan and have also enlisted the help of addition people to accompany them. Alenka doesn’t like this and feels a little threatened by the numbers and so she and Ser Baker Corbin take off on horses without the rest of the party.

They party decides to try to continue with the kidnapping of the children and create a new plan with the help of some of the new recruits and by lies and twisting of words toward the rest of the party.

On the way to enact the plan the next night, some members of the party hear a child’s scream and go investigate to find The Cult of the Stilled Tongue. These white, bloodstained robed people are carrying a boy bleeding out his mouth. One cultist escapes with the boy while the party defeats the rest of them, loosing Xavier in the fight.

Captain Braedon shows up and after searching the cultist’s bodies, a sheet is recovered containing 4 addresses. One was circled and another Captain Braedon had just come from. That left a 3rd, house which address was unfamiliar to the party and a final one which was the residence of the children’s cousin. Of course, the party went there. Before they left, Captain Braedon informed the party that he was the Captain of the guard for Bann Nicola Baranti and that they should visit her in the morning, a reward might be included.

They hurried to the cousin’s house and find if foll of more cultist, one a magic user. Guarding the children is Ser Bridget. The party fight valiantly but loose Silestra’s dog and Whately in the fight, as well finding the children’s cousin dead.

Roxus's Chronicles, Entry 1
Can't trust a one of um!

What a long day it has been and I’m barely keeping my eyes open and fingers writing to retell it. Where should I begin…

So, as most stories begin, especially with dwarves, I was sitting in the tavern, having a healthy drink of stout. This stout was mighty fine but sadly not the cheapest and so I was feeling in a good mood save the dwindling pocket money and then decided I best try to make some money. It just so happens I was having a stay in the small and crumbling fortess of Stenhold which has some mighty fine Ryott bread and stout but sadly the place itself is falling apart. Anyway, it was here where I hear the need of some mercenaries for the Arl of this town and knowing my need for some sovereigns and my use of the maul, I figured I would make a fine addition to any ragtag group. Also, those darn Darkspawn were starting to breath down the towns neck being so close to the wilds and I hoped I could get away from the awful wretches.

So I answer the call with a group of four others and am greeted by this unworldly mage, pthu!. She is direct and too the point at least and not as wordy as most mages seemed to be, so I was starting to believe I might grow an acceptance to her but sadly, this was never the case, she just had something off about her. Well she’s leading us to meet the Arl when she drops a gold sovereign. Another dwarf I was with, who I would expect to have more manners, tries to step on it to pocket (lousy thief). Of course, knowing his weak muscles, I easily brush him aside to pick up the piece and give it back to the woman. I would expect a thank you at the least for such an action but what does she do? Mutters something about honorable mercenaries like she’s ungrateful. GRRR. That rotten woman doesn’t even have the manners to say thank you! I tell you, if I was raising her, she’d have gotten a whipping for being so ill-mannered but I digress. Anyway. She dropped the sovereign and I return it and we finally go to speak with the Arl.

Inside was a man I could respect. Arl Voychek Neruda was a short human and was a little rough around the edges just like most dwarves, but the think that I saw was his focus on duty. He had children in Denerim that needed escort and instead of forsaking his duty to his people, he keeps his men where they are needed, defending the borders. Anyway, he garners a deal with the lot of us for half a sovereign upon his childrens return to Stenhold. Of course, when we were leaving, the mother gives us an extra sovereign to split between us as a sign of her gratitude. Well with that though, we were off.

We are heading to the apparent meeting point, the unnatural woman leading the way when she leads us to a non-existent bridge that is actually an ambush spot for the foul Darkspawn. There were 6 glenlocks, one of them seeming to be tougher than the other wretches, but nothing too tough for me. They were dispatched pretty easily even leaving me with a new piece of armor and now all that was left was to find a way to cross. Of course, I figure the use of a tree near the edge will work, but sadly the other fools can think of nothing productive to do, so I have to beat on a tree for nearly an hour by myself before I can get it felled across the chasm. I do eventually get some help from one person before the end and we are able to drop the tree properly, but the others just stand stupidly and watch. Of course, I look at the people and think it best to send the rogue, who should be able to balance, across. He actually also had a rope and was going to use it to help others, like me across but I’m sure he would have charged a toll.

Anyway, he is inept and nearly falls and cannot even cross the stupid tree and the stupid mage Alenka falls to the bottom and nearly dies. An elf, who had also fallen, but had the luck to catch herself, also had fallen and so was close enough to rush to her aid and save her as she was dying with the use of a healing kit a male mage happened to be carrying. I feel that she would have been better off dead now, but she knew where we were heading and at the time, I was glad she was still alive. Anyway, she was alive and I was done with the dwarf rogue’s foolishness and had already easily crossed the tree myself. I let my rope down and allowed those stuck at the bottom of the chasm to climb back up and we were all ready to go except for the lone male mage, erm, what was his name again, Whittle, I think. Anyway, he was still lollygagging on the otherside when what do you know, another set of Darkspawn appear and he is nearly killed outright. Of course, I have a decent sight and since he had allowed me to use his healling kit, I decided I’d help him out this once and use my aim to take out the vile creature.

With that done, the mage finally gets his thumb out of his rump and gets over to the other side and we are ready to go once more. Well, we end up stopping for some reason, I cannot remember why (probably to eat) but the worthless Alenka insisted on it and thought I should go keep watch. Not trusting anyone else to, I decided I should, but looking back on it, I’m sure she was just trying to talk with some of the others about some plot.

Anyway, it was uneventful and we resumed the trip and its getting dark when we are traveling though this lightly wooded area when we are set upon by the massive owls. Two owls the size of hunting dogs, not Mabari, but dogs set upon us and with their red eyes and their jet black feathers. The wretches kept circling and diving, trying to take up out slowly so I’d have to wait for the right time and smash them with my maul. I wasn’t ever able to get a good hit in on them to hit a vital or drop them from the air, but after enough whacks, we were able to do them in and continue on.

Finally are able to make our way to the waypoint we are to meet at and low and behold, the children have gotten themselves into even more trouble. They aren’t there, their caravan has been attacked and all there were dead. We were just starting to wonder where the children might have gotten to when we hear a scream and we don’t have to wonder anymore. We rush through the thorns and thickets of that forsaken woods and emerge looking at the children with two knights trapped on the hill. In front of them, they have encountered the viled Darkspawn and behind them emerges blight wolves.

I of course rush across the chasm through the thick of the thorns and steep hillside to start smacking the creatures away from the children. Now, these children are stupid, and while they might think of themselves as brave, they keep running up and trying to attack the wolves and Darkspawn but sadly are doing little more than scratching the leather these beast are wearing. Little ones shoudl know their place and take cover like the old and feeble ones that they are. Anyway, one of the knife-ear warriors that was with us keeps some of the creatures at bay, but sadly, he doesn’t seem to have the true trimmings of a warrior because his attacks are horrible, missing nine-times-out-of-ten, and getting so banged up he nearly dies. The mages by this time seem to have used up all of their unnatural spells and are doing little more than spitting on the creatures, so it is left to me, another knife-ear warrior and the lack-luster dwarven rouge to dispatch these creatures. After a tough fight, we are finally able to rid ourselves of the last of them.

We heal up, without having lost a single person and now I’m informed of something that makes no sense. I’m told that the idiot mage woman was told it was too dangerous and we were suppose to take the children back to Denerim instead of back to the Arl. I found this peculiar and so try to get to the bottom of it and apparently I’m not the only one who finds this weird. Only two others were told in the party, the male mage, who I don’t trust as far as he could throw me, which looking at his physique, less than a hand, and also the dwarven rogue who already showed his lack of honor earlier. This make only the knife-ears and me who didn’t know. Now, I can understand the knife-ears not knowing since they are basically useless most of the time anyway and definelty below us, but that doesn’t explain why, I, the one who was getting us through most of these difficulties wasn’t told. Apparently, the other two were told when we made camp, but I was only a little ways away as lookout, and could easily have been told, while of course the knife-ears were doing as they should and getting us food.

Well, after questioning them, something still didn’t feel right, the things they were saying didn’t add up and while I started to believe the things the rogue was saying I realized later that night when I thought about it, that he probably has a serpent tongue and was just telling me what I needed to hear to get me to believe him.

All of this talk left a sour taste in my mouth and while we were equally close to both Stenhold and Denerim, we were going to go back to Denerim. This didn’t make sense to me and sadly even the elves agreed with me, but we couldn’t get the other to agree and so we took the kids back to their cousin in Denerim.

Finally, after all of this, I decided I would have leave it be and try to follow the wretched female mage around, but I dismissed this thought as soon as I had it for I knew I was no match to her speed, her having such fleet feet to run away. So instead I got a better idea, why not go back to Stenhold myself and find out if what she said was true. After all, she already said my job was over, so I had only to try traveling there to see if my intuition was right.

So, rather than wait, I left out that night and even though the battles had tired me I was able to make it back to Stenhold by traveling all through the night and was able to seek an audiance with the Arl.

The First Session
A short summory of the first session

The group was hired by Arl Voychek Neruda to help his steward Alenka. She is to escort his children Josephand Hana back to Stenhold keep from an extended visit with relatives from Denerim. The Arl is unable to do this as he is responding to his southern Arlington being overrun with Darkspawn.

The group experienced a few skirmishes and challenges along the way the first was a group of Genlocks and a Alpha Genlock. The number of monsters to challenge the group was 1 Genlock per player and 1 Alpha.

The second was a challenge to cross a chasm to wide to jump. This could have been accomplished many different ways. Climb down and back up, fell a tree, secure a rope across etc… It just so happened that the group did all three of those. It was good exercise for the use of skill/abilities for me.

The third was a diversion hunting trip (just more skills), followed by the role-play of the kidnaping plot. Which if you remember both Shaun and Sean both agreed to do.

The fourth encounter was the owls. The number of Owls was preset at 1 for less than 4 player 2 for more. This was kind of strange for a game day type encounter but what ever.

The fifth part was a brief investigation of the attacked caravan site. Followed by the final fight on the side of the hill involving a Hurlock, 3 Genlocks, and 2 blight wolves. The monsters in the final encounter were set by book.

Last thing the group did was argue and eventually decide to take the children back to Denerim where Alenka paid the group for the escort and left to retire for the night. She also asked that the players accompany her with the note back to Stenhold.


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